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Download manager with an embedded game center
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Search the Internet for music, movies, software, games and more the download the files to your PC. Additional features include a powerful search interface, pause and resume capabilities and a game center.

A few years back, download managers like GoForFiles were very popular programs, as they allowed anyone to download anything from the Internet, regardless that content was free or copyrighted. Nowadays, I can hardly find a purpose for this kind of programs, which would not involve illegal downloads.

As I previously stated, GoForFiles is a download manager that offers you a searching tool, which will help you find any type of content you might think of. It comes with a neat interface and no unnecessary settings. Users just need to type in the search query and the program will return a list with more or less relevant results. In order to download content of any type, just click on the Download button associated with each item from the list. Although things look quite simple, while testing GoForFiles I was not able to successfully download anything. The program either failed to connect to its servers or displayed a ‘Time Out’ error message.

The only thing I appreciate at this program is its section where it offers various search suggestions, categorized by their type: movies, TV, music, games, software, and miscellaneous.

GoForFiles would have been a very popular application six or seven years ago.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • Offers search suggestions
  • Includes a Game Center
  • Organized interface


  • Downloads get "Time out" error very often
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